The Songambele Project


"Songa Mbele" in swahili means to go forward, or March Forth! This is what we are helping our youth all over the world to do. One reason that people march forth is because they are inspired to do so by other individuals who have been successful in their talents. Songambele is a week long event held by March Forth Kenya Kids for the people of Kenya as a way to give hope and inspiration to the people through popular and famous musicians. Many Kenyans cannot afford to see live music. We are giving the people of Kenya the opportunity to meet famous musicians and watch them perform for free. We are also giving our chosen artists the opportunity to really become part of the Kenyan community, understand a different culture from their own and carry their experiences with them into the creation of their art. Every artist we have invited subsequently made art related to their experience with us in Kenya.  We are beyond honored to carry that with us.  We ARE promoting peace through the arts. 

Some of the events of Songambele Week include:

  • Multiple interviews on live radio in Nairobi 
  • Plant trees to leave a green mark on Nairobi 
  • Experience and meet the local people living in Kibera, Mathare, and other neighborhoods
  • Live concert in the Nairobi city centre 
  • Interviews on local television
  • Experience performance from the March Forth Kenya Kids and other local artists
  • Meet our teachers and tour the neighborhood and school where we conduct on programs
  • Pictures and interviews in the local and international newspapers
  • Taste the culture of Kenya by going to local restaurants and nightclubs
  • “Technical appearances" at the hottest music clubs in town
  • Night at the Carnivore - known as "Africa's greatest eating experience”

We have organized 4 annual Songambele Project events.  Our special guests have included amazing artists, humanitarians, and intellectuals from all over the world including:  Tippa Irie (UK), Dr. Ring-Ding (Germany), Rocky Dawuni (Ghana), and Gilah Yelin Hirsch (Los Angeles).  

"March Forth Kenya Kids represents the future of Kenya. From visiting the schools to the tree planting initiative to the concert, they represent to me a holistic initiative of empowerment. I felt transformed by my experience with March Forth Kenya Kids."

~Rocky Dawuni, Philanthropist and Headliner, Songambele 2011