Traditional Drumming and Dancing


Drumming is the heartbeat of our programs. We founded MFKK on the concept of traditional African drums. Drumming is one of the first forms of wireless communication. We often start our classes with a few students and when the sound of the drums vibrate through the atmosphere, the rest of the students show up. When you drum, your hands are dancing. You don't need any fancy equipment to make drum sounds. You can drum on pots and pans, or even on your legs. Every weekend on Saturday it's been a norm in the neighborhood to hear the sounds of the drums which brings us a lot of joy to hear from a distance. The original focus was on drumming only but we quickly expanded to include traditional and modern dancing. Drumming and dancing in African cultures goes hand-in-hand.

"I like drumming because it makes my hands strong." ~Kamau, 12 year old student