Tree Planting Initiative


Part of our mission is to guide young people into being good citizens for the environment. We have always been aware of the reality that crafting a drum made from a local tree impacts the environment. All of our drums are locally sourced and handmade. In an effort to keep the environment thriving, we plant trees for every drum we craft. We also plant trees with every special guest who joins us in Nairobi. Recently, we developed a tree nursery by creating our own seed bags and a full seed bed with over 100 seedlings. Over the years we collaborated with organizations like the USA embassy Green Team in Nairobi Kenya as well as others and have planted about 500 trees and counting. It is our goal to instill in our students a love and passionate respect for trees and the natural flora and fauna and at the same time understand how our actions can make the difference in our survival and care that the Earth gives us in return. It is tradition during our annual Songambele Project that we plant a tree with the special guest of event, as well as some of our sponsors. We also have a corner in the space we conduct our classes that's growing into our own little forest. We call it "March Forth Forest."

“Seeing our trees grow that we planted last year is so cool.”  ~Blessing, 10-year old student