Weekly Community Drumming - Palm Springs, California

You will find us almost every Thursday night from 7pm, offering free community drum sessions and lessons in downtown Palm Springs, California!  We have partnered with the amazing non-profit shop called Music Heals, Inc. in downtown Palm Springs.  This has been a natural partnership in the making.  Both of our missions are related to using music as a conduit to healing the body, the mind and the spirit.  We have been hosting these drum sessions across the street from the Hyatt on Palm Canyon in Palm Springs.  We have had thousands of people of all ages come through to join our Founders including Teacher Oneko, an international touring percussionist, to learn some of the basics on African drums.  Playing a drum gives you a vibration through your whole being and we see the healing right in front of our eyes.   We have collected so many stories of young people who are differently-abled, some of whom have trouble with sound, opening up and smiling like they have never smiled before when they experience this drumming/healing modality with Teacher Oneko.  Come out and see for yourself!  You will find us during the Palm Springs Village Fest across the street from the Hyatt.  Send us an email or message us on Instagram for more details!