What we do in 200 words or less!


March Forth Kenya Kids conducts activities year-round in both the United States and in Kenya Africa. We focus on activities and events to promote peace through the arts, all-cultural acceptance, and socially conscious citizens.  At the core of our activities are Saturday classes for youth of all ages in Nairobi Kenya to teach them different forms of art and music using well-respected adult artists from the community.  We have several activities, but one constant is that we never have a week without drumming.  Art & music have been taken out of the school curriculum in Kenya and these art forms are becoming lost with the younger generations. We have seen too many youth become victims and participants of crime and other undesirable activities. March Forth Kenya Kids is giving young people something else positive on which to focus and skills they can use to survive, from role models who understand their struggles and can celebrate their triumphs. We currently hold classes on Saturdays and often expand during school breaks, as our students always request to have class more often. All of our teachers are well respected artists from the community where we work.

"I thank Oneko and the others for all the things they have done for us. We want to think that they will continue helping us and one day we will be able to help too." ~Evelyn, 14 year old student

"Like Nelson Mandela said, art has the power to change the world. We are just doing our small part to make a difference." ~Oneko Arika, Co-Founder and Director of Programs